Qualifications for pat testing

Any Engineer that works for C W Testing Services will have passed the level 3 certificate for inspection and testing of electrical appliances set by the City & Guilds - (an example can be seen below)

This ensures that for your peace of mind the person conducting your pat testing is fully qualified to do so

The engineer will test and inspect your equipment to IEE standards - only an engineer that can test and inspect to the standard needed to pass this exam and gain this qualification, can safely pat test for us.






All pat testing work will be according to the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) Code of Practice for In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

A competent person should be provided by the customer to provide the C W Testing Services engineer with any details with site safety information and/or potential hazards when working at the customers premises. They should also be able to provide information as to the locations of all items to be tested.

C W Testing Services accepts no liability for injury loss or damage for appliances that are found to be faulty before or after testing.

I T Equipment must be shut down by a responsible person before testing takes place. 

Only tests that our testing personnel  think are appropriate for I T equipment will be undertaken ie - earth bond testing - insulation testing at 250v or formal visual inspections and multimeter earth continuity testing.

No responsibility for loss of it equipment from I T equipment tested/not tested by persons working for C W Testing Services will be accepted.

All items for testing should be made available on the day of testing - revisits to sites for testing of items not made available on the day will be charged at the normal rate.

If parking at the customer address is not available - any city centre parking charges will be applied to the final invoice 

On requesting our service it is understood you are undertaking to accept and abide by these terms and conditions. 


C W Testing Services expect payment within 21 days net from sending of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing - unless already settled - a reminder for payment will be sent after 15 days of sending of invoice 

NON PAYMENT C W Testing Services reserves the right to cancel any applied discounts on overdue invoices and amend the charges to reflect our set prices

On continuation of non payment C W Testing Services will apply costs and interest to the debtors account in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest ) Act 1998. information of which can be found HERE